How You're Helping

Mariah sent some canvases and paint!  There not stellar but they keep me entertained.

Thank to the Valentines Day cards box set that Tiffany Triggs sent me and the art supplies Becky Streeter sent me I was able to make a question box for my Health Club.  Now if they have an embarrassing question then can just write it down and put it in the box and I can make sure to answer it within a lesson.  When I presented the box one boy said with a smile “hey you always do really good things for the club.”  Thanks for helping me help them!

Thank you to Kirsten Anderson for the gluten free flour, Rachel Grey for the sprinkles, and Gabby Dahlman for the measuring cups.  My cake would never have gotten baked if it were not for you! 

Thanks to everyone who has sent instant coffee and specifically Gabby Dahlman for the vanilla coffee syrup!!!  Sometimes when I close my eyes I can convince myself I'm really at starbucks!  Myself, my hut guests, and occasionally by host family really enjoy the comfort of a cup of coffee, even when its 100 degrees out!  In the photo below I would also like to emphasize and thank Kirsten Anderson for the Starbucks mug she sent!  As you can tell another one of hut guests was not as fortunate and had to drink her coffee out of a measuring cup :(

My hut guests enjoying some Starbucks VIA! 

Not only are the items you send in the packages useful, but the actual boxes are quite handy to have as well.  Here is how I have used several of the empty boxes to create a cubby shelf to house storage boxes Mariah sent!  You have drastically improved the cleanliness of my hut!

Yay for organization!

Kathy Bosse sent some Crayola markers that my Health club members have taken full benefit from in making HIV prevention posters!

Hooray for HIV awareness!

Rachel Grey sent marshmallows and I got to introduce my family to the art of roasting them.  We didn’t have the rest of the materials to make s’mores but we got creative and just poured chocolate sauce over the roasted mallows for a great treat!

Anyone want s'more?

I received an extreme amount of xmas packages and I swear you all must have coordinated because between everyone I ended up with a fully decorate Christmas tree, stockings to hang, and plenty of xmas cards to decorate my walls.

Oh Christmas Tree!!