Swaziland is a tiny African country located between South Africa and Mozambique.  It is the size of New Jersey.

After gaining independence from Britain in 1968, Swaziland remains the last remaining absolute Monarchy in Africa being ruled by King Mswati III.  He was crowned in 1986 and has the power to appoint the country's Prime Minister, members of the cabinet, and the judiciary.  He was choosen by the Great Council of State, at age 14, to be King after his father King Sobhuza II died.  He was not the first born son, in fact Polygamy is widely accepted and King Mswati was the only child of one of several of the King's wives.  He was crowned when he was 18.

The two official languages in Swaziland are English (for business) and siSwati.

Swaziland is divided into four regions.  Mbabane is the capital city, however Labamba is the Royal and legislative capital.

Agriculture accounts for 90% of the economy.  People live on homesteads (the family farm), which collectively make up a chiefdom (a town).  Traditionally families live in several huts on a homestead.  The huts are made of mud with thatched roofs.  However, modernization is prompting people to build cement brick huts with tin roofs.

Maize is the main crop, along with vegetables.  Meat is a big part of their diet, but not the way that meat is apart of the American diet.  They also eat a lot of fresh fruit, specifically mangos.

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