Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bon Voyage!

So it is the night before I leave for two years in Africa…

Two Years in Africa.

It sounds scary, yet incredible at the same time.  I am nervous to the point of feeling physically sick, cry at even the hint of sentiment, and am beyond exhausted from packing.  It is amazing that you actually can pack your life up into 80lbs of stuff.  I am sure that I have forgotten something and have over thought on others but either way I just have to tell myself “don’t stress, you will be just fine.”  Easier said then done, but non-the less I am ready to go.

I am ready to start the journey and open to where it takes me.  I am nervous of course.  Its never easy not knowing what you are getting yourself into, but I am willing to work hard, excepting the fact that it will be challenging, knowing that the rewards will balance everything out.

Tomorrow I fly to Philadelphia for my Staging (orientation).  I will meet my fellow trainees, learn more about my service with the PC, and get my vaccinations.  On June 8th, we leave the US on a 15.5 flight to Johannesburg, South Africa.  From there we take a five-hour bus ride to Swaziland.  We will be staying in a Teachers College until June 14th then we move in with our host families, where we will remain throughout training (until August).  I won’t be able to access the Internet until June 16th or 17th, so until next time… safe travels!

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