Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rustle Up Some Grub

December 5th, 2011

What’s a grub?  This is a grub:

If you’re going to stick with us kid, you’re going to have to eat like us!  Bottoms up!

Guess what was for dinner tonight on the homestead?  Yep grub.

Its caterpillar season here and the marula trees are swarming with these large, squishy, hairy caterpillars that are a “good source of protein.”  You collect a whole bucket then either boil them or braai them.  We had braaied caterpillars tonight and they actually tasted ok.  They had the grill smoked taste mixed with a real earthy taste.  Not squishy, not slimy, not even hairy in texture.  Before indulging, I asked what they taste like and everyone told me it just taste like inyama, like meat.  And well it did, like a little caterpillar jerky.  Now I didn’t get carried away and eat a whole one bunch, just a few sections that my host mom ripped off for me.  She said the boiled ones are “much more delicious” so I will have to try them.

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