Friday, February 17, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

February 6th, 2012

I did get to watch the Superbowl this year (not that I’ve ever really cared to watch it before, but it was a nice American thing to do).  A Superbowl viewing party was set up at one of the backpackers in Mbabane (capital city) and a programming meeting was thoughtfully planned at the office so there was a reason for all of us to come into the city.  The game didn’t start until 1am our time and lasted till 5am but most of us made it through.  One of the volunteers even made a betting board and we all spent our hard earned PC allowance betting on squares.  The winner got 700 emalengeni  (1/3 our monthly allowance), sadly that winner was not me, but the betting board kept me much more focused on the game then I usually would have been.  It was really fun to crowd 30 some people into a tiny room to watch.  Some were more invested in the teams then others and rallied for support. I was rooting for the Pats because if I vowed my allegiance I got a fun sized Snickers bar.  Snacks were passed around throughout the night/morning keeping us all awake.  We all crashed around 5:30 and were all sadly up by 7:30 due to the body telling us that 7:30 would normally be sleeping in so we needed to be awake.  I felt like I was in college again.  Late nights, early mornings, a little hung-over, a feeling that sadly felt so familiar that it was comforting.  The two hours of transport back to site were brutal and I was asleep by sunset but it was great to hang out with my fellow PCVs and celebrate this American “holiday.”

P.S. We may have gotten to see the game but we didn’t get any commercials L.  We saw the same five commercials at every break, it was awful.

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