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English Class Goes All Game of Thrones

October 16th, 2012

Last week for my English class at the refugee camp the homework was to write the ending to the story that we had been working with for the last couple of weeks.  My students were split into groups and they had to write the ending to the story “The Lady and The Tiger,” which incidentally isn’t about a tiger at all. 

To sum the story up there is a Princess who falls in love with a soldier.  Her Father finds out and captures the solider as his prisoner.  The punishment for prisoners in this realm is that they must stand before everyone and choose to open one of two doors that stand side by side.  Depending on which he chooses, decides his fate and his innocence.  One door has the loveliest lady in the realm whom he will marry if he opens her door, the other has a ferocious lion that will kill the soldier if he opens it’s door.  If he opens the Lady’s door he is innocent and lives, if he chooses the Lion he is guilty and will die.  Right before choosing a door he looks to the Princess and begs with his eyes for her to tell him which door to open.  She decides and tells him to open the right door.  The solider approaches slowly and opens the right door…

My students came up with really great endings.  They were very creative and every one had its own twist.  I was greatly amused, especially since I am currently deeply entrenched in the Seven Kingdoms of the Game of Thrones books.  My students could give George R.R. Martin a run for his money.  So here are the endings for your enjoyment.  I am writing them exactly as my students did so sorry for the broken English.

Group One:
He was surprised to find the loveliest women inside and he was happy to survive the Lion’s teeth.  As the crowd clapping hands for his innocence, his heart turns to the princess who he loved much.  Happiness of the crowd made the King go with the Princess to congratulate the soldier.  When they reach there the Princess throws herself where there was the Lion.  The Soldier saved her and killed the Lion.  As reward given to him by the King for saving his daughter, the young soldier married the princess immediately.  The Kind decided not to punish his people in that way.

Group Two:
And guess what happened next, there was a very beautiful young woman inside the room the soldier had opened.  The King was not happy for that.  This is because the King himself wanted the Soldier dead, due to the fact that the Soldier was in love with his daughter, who he treasured so much.  The King ordered his subjects to arrange the wedding of the young Soldier and the loveliest women.  The King had no other option because what had happened at the soldier’s trial.  And also the King thought that maybe by letting the Soldier marry this very beautiful lady in the whole community would made him forget about his daughter.  The young soldier did not stop loving the daughter of the King, this is because they loved each other very much.  The King’s daughter started meeting the young Soldier behind the door, as in secretly without the King’s knowledge.  Just imagine what happened next, the Soldier impregnated the King’s daughter and as a result the King come to know about it.  The King did not like at all what had happened, but he did not have another alternative apart from letting his daughter marry the Soldier, and then after she become the second wife of the young Soldier.

Group Three:
He opened the door, he peeped and saw the most beautiful woman.  They became husband and wife.  The Princess was disappointed, she cried and sobbed.  The King pledged to the young Soldier to marry his daughter.  The young Soldier agreed because polygamy was common and usual.  After not so long the King died.  People liked the young Soldier so they swore him to be a new King.

Group Four: (this one I don’t have a copy of so I am rephrasing what I remember)
The soldier opened the door to find the Lion.  The Lion chased him and attacked him.  The Soldier fell to the ground and tired to reach for a rock to hit the Lion with, but he couldn’t find one.  The Soldier was eventually killed and eaten by the Lion.  It continued on but I can't remember what happened next.

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