Thursday, February 7, 2013

NYE 2012

December 31st, 2012 – January 1st, 2013

It’s 2013!!!!  It’s a bittersweet as I start my last 6 months in Swaziland, weird that it now its crunch time for getting things done and the realization that I am have to say goodbye, yet very excited that I will be seeing America this year!

The few days before NYE, brought a very special moment for me.  ALL of my host brothers and sisters were on my homestead!  This was the first time this has ever happened since I’ve been here.  I love my host family and it was so fun to have everyone together.  The entire family consists of Make and Babe, 5 bosisi, and 1 bhuti, and 5 (soon to be six) grandchildren, one cousin (who lives with us) and me.  We just hung out all day talking, painting nails, playing with the grandsons and eating.  Simply perfect!

The Dube Clan!
back row LtoR: Me, Winnile holding Andzile,
Nosipho holding Mukelo, Buyile, Lungile,
Sifiso holding Vu
Front: Zandile sitting with Piyo and Lunga.
(Zandile is preganant in this photo
with the first soon to be born granddaughter Nomvula)
For New Years Eve this year I decided to ring it in, in a more “western” way, via a dance party.  House on Fire, Swaziland premier dance venue hosted a NYE party with the seaworthy theme of “Nautical or Nice.”  I have to admit I missed the boat on the cruise-wear inspired outfit, but I’m a budget conscious volunteer so you can’t blame me.  However we did have glow sticks, and those complete any outfit, no matter what the theme.

NYE started at Sondzelas, a backpackers near House on Fire, where we spent the evening relaxing by the hippo hideaway, where sadly all the hippos were hiding away, and pre-gaming for the night (again a PCV’s budget doesn’t really cover to many drink purchases at an overpriced bar).  We then donned our glow stick bracelets and joined the House on Fire party.  We danced in the New Year, and apparently counted it in for every time zone (we had like 5 count downs).  Finally 2013 arrived with a 30 second count down, and then confetti and a lot of cheering and dancing.  It’s the middle of summer here, and we are going through a heat wave and it was incredibly hot on the dance floor.  I stepped outside for some air just in time to see people send paper lanterns with their new year’s wishes on them into the sky.  A very magical scene until you realize those trying to get their lantern lit were far to drunk to be playing with fire… no longer magical, but amusing.

Eventually, in true African style, the electricity went out as the night neared 2am.  It was off and on after that so we called it a night and hit our tents, happy to meet 2013.

Dancing!  I look a bit scary becasue
I was falling backwards while trying to take the photo.

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