Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things to do in your Hut after dark when you don’t have electricity

August 24th, 2011

Ok so not having electricity is an adventure, but having lots of time on your hands makes you get creative, and go a little insane.  I sometimes feel like Tom Hanks in castaway; lots of time, no one to talk to, not really sure how to live in this new environment.  But you make do and come up with ways to entertain yourself.  Here are some things I do:

-Read!  A lot, it’s probably the last time in life that I will have so much time to just read.
-Make dinner and eat by candlelight (insert scene from Shrek)…very romantic
-Watch movies on the good old laptop if it has any battery left.
-Think of names for your future pets.  A future cat will be named Sidwashini.  I’ve also named the two additional lizards that I discovered.  Pascal was the first, now I have Leonardo and Giuseppe also.
-Rewrite lyrics to well-known songs that describe your life (look for some in future posts).
-Rehears your plan of action for escape from the next bug or snake that you encounter.
-Meditate, aka just sit there and try not to think.  Thinking always leads to a panic attack so its best to just skip that part.
-Write letters.  Really I have written a lot of you letters but my ability to actually get them in the mail isn’t very good.
-Write blog posts... haha can you guess what I did tonight.
-Practice siSwati a real boring option but an option non-the-less
-Count the number of grass straws used to make your thatched roof… j/k I don’t do this but I’m might someday
-Evening dream, like daydreaming but in the dark.  Usually I do this when its 7:30pm and I want to go to bed but feel its much to early so I get in bed and evening dream until a reasonable hour to sleep (so like 8:00pm, which is totally reasonable).
-Come up with an exercise plan that I will get to one day (some things never change) 

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