Monday, August 27, 2012

Bethany and Mom’s Whirlwind Tour of Southern Africa Chapter Five: Maputo, Mozambique

August 9th-10th, 2012

Every trip has to have a really suck moment; Mozambique was ours.  We wanted to go for two nights in Maputo, which is right across the border from Swaziland, but everything went wrong so we ended up spending one night and then coming home.  Public transport in Mozambique is a nightmare and it took us 4 hours to cross the border and actually arrive in Maputo, when it should have only taken 1.5 hours.  Imagine a 15-passenger junky van filled with 20 people plus luggage for two hours on a hot day – miserable.  We got there to find that our reservation for the guest house we booked had been canceled, it was near dark and we had to walk to a way more expensive hotel that thankfully had an open room and exceptional staff.  Hotel Monte Carlo, you may be only three stars and over priced but your customer service was phenomenal – kudos to you!

The next day Maputo earned back some points.  We had a private guided walking tour to all the top historical points in Maputo.  The weather was great and we learned a lot about the city.  We had lunch at the old train station – within the 22 hours we were in Maputo I managed to eat nothing but seafood – it was great!  Then we hired a taxi to take us straight to the border, we were not even going to attempt public transport again it was so awful.  Mom got to see the Indian Ocean at least and while it was a short and chaotic trip it made for a good story.  I was never happier to be back in my hut in Swaziland!

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