Monday, August 27, 2012

Local News

So what been happening in Swaziland while I’ve been off gallivanting through Southern Africa?

Well for one the teachers strike come to an end just in time for the last week of the school term, but it defiantly did not end without its drama.

King Mswati III summoned everyone to the royal residence on Monday August 6th, for a speech.  He declared a Sibeya or a People’s Parliament to be opened the next day and last until Friday.  This allowed for anyone to come to the residence and tell their grievances to the King and offer their suggestions of how to solve the problems of the country.  The King was not present all these days, the people were recorded and he listened to them later.  After the parliament was closed he made his response.  I was never really told what he said in his response, but he did demand that all teachers return to work the next week.  This led to much confusion, as he did not specify if that was all teachers or just teachers who had not been fired during the Waya Waya.  The Kind’s Parliament then declared that it only included teachers whom were not fired, which didn’t settle with most people.  So as far as I can tell nothing has changed, nothing has been fixed, and people are more confused then before.  However, striking has stopped, students and teachers returned for the last week of the term and some have continued into the break to try and catch-up on the weeks missed.

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