Friday, June 1, 2012

A Brother For Beau

My host dad was so impressed with Beau’s presence on the homestead that he decided to get himself a kitten.  So now we have two cats.  It’s actually proved to be a really good thing.  This new kitten is maybe only two weeks younger then Beau and they hit it off right away.  They are best friends now!  Beau goes over to the main house everyday and plays with this new kitten, which hasn’t gotten a name yet.  I have been calling him Bear in my head but haven’t committed to officially naming him yet.  So I will call him Bear in this post to try it out, see if it fits.

Having the two cats is turning out to be a great teaching tool for the host family.  They see me do something with Beau and then they try it with Bear.  For example my Make mimicked my homemade litter box and made one for inside their home.  She also commented to me that Beau looked so much healthier and his fur was shiny.  I told her that it was because of the food he ate.  I was a great lesson in how maize meal and milk (typical pet food in Swaziland) doesn’t provide the nutrients animals need, but the cat food I feed Beau is made with the correct protein, vitamins, and minerals.  I may now get stuck footing the cat food bill now, but eventually the kittens will start hunting and may not require as much.  I also explained to here that I would be getting Beau fixed as its PC policy for having a pet.  I told her benefits of the procedure and offered to take, but not pay for, Bear.  My Make was very intrigued and if she can afford she really wants to get Bear fixed also – we are hoping we can get a discount for multiple cats.  She doesn’t want him to become a midnight caller, visiting all the lady cats in the neighborhood.  Bear is still afraid to leave the comforts of the main house, but Beau is slowly coaxing him out.  Beau has lead Bear to my hut twice now, which has proved to be a fun place to explore.

Beau is the dark one in front who is scowling and Bear is the whiter one in back looking guilty!

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