Monday, June 25, 2012

New Talent, New Furniture, and New Discoveries!

June 16th, 2012

I have had a week of a lot of new and exciting things.  It doesn’t take much to excite me here as my days are fairly similar, my routines are set, and life is slow paced.  However, I have acquired many new things that will make life that much more enjoyable.

Group 8 PCVs (the group a year a head of me) are getting ready to COS (close of service).  In doing so they are getting rid of the surprisingly large about a stuff a hut can acquire, of which I am reaping the benefits.  I have just gained two wall hangers with hooks that I have hung kitchen gadgets on to free up space in my “pantry/cupboard” (aka plastic shelving unit) and a, not as useful but way more fun, guitar!!  I have never played the guitar before, but it came with a large beginners guidebook so I am teaching myself.  It is so nice to be able to make music again.  That was something I totally underestimated that I would miss from home.

This week I also finally got a desk and chair for inside my hut.  I had it made at the vocational carpentry school in Mpaka that has reopened recently.  Addy’s Babe owns a vehicle so I got him to pick it up and deliver it to my hut for cheap.  It’s so nice to have and I can’t believe I waited so long to get it.  The quality is really nice, all wood, very sturdy, and now I have another space to work in aside from my bed.

Now that it is “winter” here and the heat isn’t threatening to kill me, I have started to explore my community a bit more.  The weather is perfect enough for afternoon walks and I have discovered many new paths, one of which is going to save me a lot of time.  Why I was never told this before I don’t know, but I have discovered a path that will cut my walking time to the High School in half and allows me to not walk along the main tar road.  It’s a nice little path tucked back in between homesteads.  I have been annoyed with having to work at the school lately specifically because of the walk, and this new path fixes everything!

Like I said it doesn’t take much to make me excited these days.  The desk and chair cost me a pretty penny so my June allowance is limited and I’m locking myself away at site for 23 days. until all the PCVs are coming together to celebrate Christmas in June.  I’m on day 16 and going a bit crazy, hence why my excitement for the above three things is blog worthy.  I’d love to come with really exciting tales from the field, but lets be honest, staying at site is slightly uneventful.

Oh, oh, oh wait I do have exciting news.  This just in, Scarface, the serial rapist/kidnapper that has been on the loose since October of last year, has been found and shot dead.  Turns out he was living in a homemade fort located in the bush of my community.  Nice eh?  The Mpaka police found him, shot him in the leg, and he conveniently died by the time they got him to the hospital.  One less thing in the bush that I have to worry about! 

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