Monday, June 25, 2012

Eat Fresh!

June 21st, 2012
No, Swaziland has not opened a Subway Fast Food Restaurant recently. It might take away from the only fast food option here, KFC, and we can’t have that.

All jokes aside, I am really eating fresh these days.  My garden has gotten into full bloom and I’m loving the benefits.  I eat salads every other day with lettuce fresh picked.  I make spinach omelets for breakfast right out of the garden, and use green onion in everything.  My carrots are still growing strong, and my tomatoes and pepper seedlings have sprouted so soon I will be able to eat an entire meal straight from the garden!  I have basil growing to help keep the bugs away and provide good smells (just like Jimmy Johns, haha I’m killing it with the sub shop references – can you tell its day 21 of my 23 days locked at site).  I’m also growing parsley and garlic chives in milk boxes.  I’m poor but resourceful.  Milk comes in boxes here and once finished they make great trays for starting seedlings and growing herbs.  They also make great wallets, but that’s another story in recycling.  The plan is to transplant the herbs into used car tires once they outgrow their milk boxes.

Carrots and Green Onion!

Lettuce and spinach!

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